Milestone card


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A set of 12 baby milestone cards!

Perfect for photo props marking each month of their first year!

Modern Brush Lettering - simple and clean design.

Designed by the talented Bec Brown of Clouds of Colour these Milestone Cards are a  perfect way to capture the important moments in your babies first year.

These beautiful double-sided cards are printed on high quality 300 GSM card by professionals and are packaged in a cotton drawstring bag.

They can be kept as a keepsake to cherish for years to come.

Card Size: 140 x 180mm

A set of 20 positive affirmation cards for women. These cards will help you get through your tough days and achieve your goals for confidence, personal growth, and success.

Women have so many demands on them — work, family, home responsibilities, and other commitments. Sometimes it can feel like we have to do it all and do it perfectly.

To stay mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy, you have to practice self-care. One of the best self-care activities is using positive affirmations.

The more you nourish and fuel your inner self, the more empowered you will feel and the more motivated you will be to conquer the days ahead of you.

I hope these affirmation cards will help anyone who is looking to have a more positive outlook on life or who is learning to practice self love. We all need it. Practicing affirmations has been life changing for me as a mom and as a woman. I hope these cards will brighten up your day and encourage you to want to try to be your best self.

These are also a unique gift idea for all the amazing women in your life.