Cool Rewards from Little Leaf Eco is a fantastic way to recognise and reward your young ones for achievements, demonstrating the right behaviours or any other occassion where you want to say well done.

Randomly select a wooden square from the our eco friendly little bag and on it will be an idea for a reward. Each time will be a new and innovative way to say "good job". Your children will love the surprise and you will love the outcomes from the positive reinforcement.

Cool Rewards is a great way to recognise your kids without having to reach into you wallet!


Ages : 3 to 10
Quantity : 25 recycled wooden squares, each piece is 1 1/2" in diameter
Packed in a nice eco friendly pouch measuring 5"x 6.5"
Not recommended for children under 3 or those that mouth their toys.
Parental supervision is required.